Adult Education | Catechism

Adult Education | Catechism

Working together with our Clergy and educational team, our Adult Education and Catechism is a vital component of life at Saint Mark. We spread the love, truth, and good news of Jesus Christ, the pathway to eternal salvation, through education on the history, beliefs, and mystical theology of the Orthodox Christian Church. We offer various instructional classes throughout the year during different times. Each class offers foundational teachings of our Orthodox Christian Faith and are open to all believers.

Discover Orthodoxy – 5 week class directly following our Festival in January, designed for first-time inquirers, catechumens, as well as our faithful who want to draw closer to the Church. Topics include: Church History; Scripture and Tradition; Sacramental Theology; Personal Devotion and Salvation; What’s Next? A Church Tour. 

Bible Study – Offered each Tuesday at 6:00 PM (following Daily Vespers in our Sanctuary), on different books of the Bible. We utilize the Orthodox Study Bible (New King James Version) as our translation. Each season we exegete a different book of the Bible, and help with practical and daily application. 

The Liturgical LIfe – This 5 week class takes our catechumens, inquirers, and faithful deeper into the liturgical life of the Church. The course takes place inside the sanctuary, allowing the participants first hand access to the liturgical setting. It concludes with a “Teaching Divine Liturgy”, an opportunity for our faithful to break down the structure. 

The Creed – This 5 week class takes our catechumens, inquirers and faithful into the historical, spiritual and theological discussions surrounding the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed. The course utilizes PowerPoint, lectures and discussion for practical application. 

Synaxis – A group discussion taking place each Thursday throughout the Ecclesiastical year at 11:00 AM, following Supplications to the Theotokos (Paraklesis) at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary. We hold spiritual discussions utilizing books and video productions. 

See our latest Adult Catechism Series:

Join us the beginning of 2024 through March, we will have a series exploring Church History, Theology, and Scripture.

January 14 – For Everything There is a Season: An Overview of the Orthodox Church Year

February 11 – The “Extra” Books of the Orthodox Old Testament: An Introduction to the Rest of the Bible

March 10 – The Lord is God and Has Revealed Himself to Us: How Do We Understand God as Trinity? 

In this series, our Catechist Jamey Bennett will dive below the surface of traditional Bible studies, exploring the depths of Theological concepts, Church history, and the Canonical Scriptures. Gain a deeper appreciation for our Orthodox faith as we navigate the complexities of life in light of our theological tradition. 

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Orthodox Christian Faith, please contact us. 

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Jamey Bennett

Jamey Bennett

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