Prayer Team

Prayer Team

“When we are praying, the first thing that’s needed is attentiveness. Without attentiveness prayer is not worthwhile, but if one neglects prayer completely, that is the worst. You have to work!” –Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

EVERYONE NEEDS PRAYER! And at Saint Mark, we consider prayer to be the basis of our relationship with our Lord. Our Prayer Team consists of faithful stewards who commit to pray for others in need.This Team is open to all! We often have faithful who are unable to participate in certain ministries of the Church because of distance or health, and we encourage them to participate in this new and exciting ministry program. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Saint Mark Prayer Team, please email and put in the Subject – “Prayer Ministry Team”. 

How it Works

The Prayer Team members are sent a list of individual names to pray for on a regular basis. We ask that the Prayer Team Members commit to:

 1. Receive our Saint Mark Daily Prayers and email of names to be prayed for.

 2. Three times per week, stand in front of an icon, offer the prayers, and pray for the faithful on the list

 3. Periodically, meet with the Prayer Ministry Team for a Paraklesis at Church

4. During Great Lent, help facilitate the Lenten Prayer Partner Ministry (praying for an individual for 40 days). 

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