Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Our Mission is guided by the words of Matthew 25:36-41:” I was in prison and you came to me.” This journey involves sharing the love of Christ and His Church with those who are incarcerated.

Having gone through orientation and training under the auspices of the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM) (hyperlink:, each Prison Ministry Team member is thereafter assigned a brother/sister in Christ inmate to reach out to via handwritten correspondence. Anonymity in this endeavor is critical to our mission as each assumes a nom de plume (pen name) and in addition all related correspondence comes through our Saint Mark Church Office and not to our individual home addresses. 

Meeting once a month at the Church Hall, our Agenda typically includes guest speakers who discuss hands on experiences in prison ministry. We also share pertinent issues that will further enhance our devotion to this blessed Ministry. Our interaction with our brother and sisters in Christ who are in a dark place at this time has touched us all very deeply while taking a unique path to serve Christ and His Church.

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