40 Day Blessing

40 Day Blessing


The 40 Day Blessing is a faithful witness to the Old Testament Law, which finds its true meaning and perfection in the person of Jesus Christ.

According to tradition, Jesus Christ was brought into the Temple on the 40th Day of his life, and presented to the High Priest by his righteous parents. The great feast of our Lord being presented into the Temple is celebrated on February 2nd every year. The Righteous Elder Symeon, waited until he was lengthy in his earthly years, asking God to give him the Savior, after which he would depart in peace. Therefore, we know of the faithful prayer coming from the Elder Symeon’s heart, which we read in our evening prayer service, Vespers, that accounts as follows.

“O Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation which You have prepared in the presence of all people, a light for the revelation of the Gentiles, and glory of Your people Israel.”

When a mother and newborn child reach the sacred time of 40 days together, the Church calls them back into the embrace of God’s grace by offering these prayers, which symbolically connect the family once again with God inside of the Church proper. In the service, the prayers also include, for the child to be baptized in due time, welcoming the family to be full participants in the life of the Church, praying as a family all together and all receiving the Sacraments of God.

Our Saint Mark Church welcomes mothers and their children to contact the office to schedule a 40 Day blessing. It is a great blessing to continue with the long standing prayers and traditions of the Church, so we can remember the gift that is given to us over the centuries and rejoice in being a part of the Living Church which is continually before us to partake in.


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