Sacrament Procedures

Greetings in the Lord!

The Saint Mark Family of Boca Raton rejoices in your upcoming wedding in the Orthodox Church. The Church views Marriage from a very special perspective, recognizing it as a mystical event in which Jesus Christ Himself participates and unites the couple as one.

Always taking place within an Orthodox Church, the goal of marriage is for both individuals to achieve salvation. The couple walks prayerfully together within the realms of the Church, toward this goal.

Our Saint Mark family has a vibrant ministry to all of our faithful, and we pray that you will make our Church your spiritual home as you begin your life together.

Please complete the attached forms carefully, as soon as possible, and return them in person to our Office or email them to

I offer you my personal congratulations and blessings that you will find this information useful as you prepare to begin your life as a married couple.

With love in Christ,

Rev. Mark A. Leondis, Senior Pastor

Information for Your Wedding

Pre-Marriage Meeting

As a couple, you will meet with the priest which will be arranged for you by office staff. Please bring a photocopy of your baptismal certificates, and divorce paperwork {if applicable), to the meeting. You will discuss your intentions as a couple to embrace the Faith and determine a date with the Priest for your wedding. A packet of information and forms will be given to you to be completed at home and returned to the Church office, in person, by mail, or email to (


At least one of the individuals intending to marry must be a Steward of Saint Mark and current with his or her pledge. If you are not a Steward but intend to become one, you will be expected to make a stewardship commitment at the time that a date has been established for the wedding.

Destination Wedding

If you are not a Steward of Saint Mark, or you attend a Parish outside the Metropolis of Atlanta, or have no church parish, then there is a $2,000 church usage fee; this includes the cost of a Chanter and Custodian services. No stewardship is required. You must submit one-half of the fee ($1,000) with your completed paperwork. Paperwork will not be processed without this payment. The second half is due two months prior to the wedding. Special requirements apply. You will be advised

Your Sponsor

{Koumbaro/Koumbara) must be an Eastern Orthodox Christian and in good standing with an Eastern Orthodox Christian parish. If married, the marriage must have been performed in an Eastern Orthodox Christian church. If not a Steward of St. Mark parish, then a letter must be submitted to us from his/her parish priest that the sponsor is in good standing and free to serve.

Journey to Marriage Pre-Marriage Class

According to the guidelines of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta, you both must participate in a one-day pre-marriage seminar. Please register at

Civil Marriage License

The original must be submitted to our office two weeks prior to the wedding. Make a copy for your records. The license will be signed by the officiating clergy, the sponsor, and a witness to the ceremony. Include an envelope addressed to the Clerk of the Court from where you received the License.

Items Needed for Wedding

The listed items are traditionally brought to the Church by the Sponsor:
□ Two Crowns with a ribbon
□ Rings for both the Bride and Groom
□ White Jordan Almonds (a tray to place them on is optional)
□ Two White Candles

The Ceremony

The service takes approximately 45 minutes. Weddings are scheduled two (2) hours apart. Each wedding party will have up to thirty minutes prior to the scheduled wedding time for access to the church. Please designate a person or persons to greet your guests and walk them to their seats. Provided the bridal party arrives on time, photographs may be taken in the Church after the ceremony. If, however, the bridal party does not arrive on time, photography after the ceremony may not be allowed, since other sacraments may be scheduled following your wedding

Flowers and Rice

Please note that no flowers or rice are allowed to be thrown either within or outside the church building. If you will have a flower girl, then only silk flowers should be used because real flowers stain the marble floors of the church. Floral arrangements may be brought to the church one (1) hour prior to the Service.

Wedding Booklet

If you plan to have a booklet printed regarding the symbolism of the Sacrament, please submit it to the Church Office for review prior to printing.

Wedding Rehearsal & Organist

For a Church organist and the wedding rehearsal, please contact the Church Office at or at 561.994.4822.

Please refer to the attached Wedding Music Protocol for Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy and Faithful Protocol 02/12.

"For the Sacrament of Marriage, the Orthodox Church prefers to emphasize the human voice in offering praise and glory to God. For this reason, our chanters and choirs are encouraged to use the treasury of Orthodox hymns during the Sacrament of Marriage. After all, the purpose of our hymnography is prayer and instruments cannot pray. When prelude music is offered before the service, it should never include pop/roe/Broadway show tunes or other secular songs. Instead, we should offer Orthodox hymns such as Axion Estin, Communion Hymns, Tin Oreotita, and the Lord's Prayer, etc. The only non-Orthodox hymn that can be sung prior to the service (i.e., the prelude/processional} is Ave Maria. Traditional classical music, without words can be played by the organist before the service as well as for processional and recessionals and this is by economia. /sting note that under no circumstances whatsoever can any other musical instruments ever be permitted in the church building itself (e.g., harps, trumpets, flutes, guitars, violins/stringed instruments, drums, etc.}

As we seek to adhere to this music policy and enlist those we serve to do the same, let us recall the words of St. John Chrysostom, "The Church is not a theatre where we listen for pleasure." God has entrusted to us the stewardship of His true faith and worship. Therefore, it is our sacred privilege to offer and use the appropriate music and form during this Sacrament."

Sponsor Requirements

  • 1

    The Sponsor must be an Eastern Orthodox Christian who is a steward and in good standing, that is, current in his/her stewardship committment. If married, the wedding service must have taken place in an Eastern Orthodox Church.

  • 2

    For a Sponsor who is not a members of St. Mark, he/she must have a letter from his/her parish priest stating that he/she is a member in good standing. If the Sponsor is not an active member of any local parish then he/she must participate in a St. Mark Orthodoxy Studies Class that is offered several times each year.

  • 3

    If the Sponsor is a Steward of St. Mark, he/she must be actively participating in the life of the church, i.e. attend church regularly, receive the Sacrements regularly, and be current in his/her Stewardship pledge.


Complete Our Online Marriage Form

If you are in the process of planning a wedding and wish to be married at Saint Mark Greek Orthodox Church, please fill out our online marriage form and we will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.