Live Streaming Ministry

Live Streaming Ministry

The Live Streaming Ministry brings our Saint Mark Services to the homebound and worshipers throughout the world that may not have access to an Eastern Orthodox Church. Services are available “live” during almost every service and all live streams are recorded and archived for viewing 24/7.

The Live Streaming Ministry uses a combination of fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, and mobile cameras to capture, transmit, and archive our religious services at Saint Mark Services. The team also manages the audio (PA sound system) within the Nave/Narthex and the audio to the Live Stream. The goal is to provide the online worshiper with an experience that is as close to being in the Church when they are away or cannot attend. Our services are viewed “live” regularly by online worshipers throughout the world, from patients in a Cancer Hospital in Athens, to online worshipers in India, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, and throughout Europe. We maintain a “Live Chat” session during the Sunday Divine Liturgy where we support a multi-dimensional dialog among our online parishioners. Services are available through YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant (Say “Enable Saint Mark”). With over 1,000 archived services & sermons on our YouTube channel ( online parishioners can take comfort and view our services 24 hours/day. Our Sunday Divine Liturgy is currently viewed by 800-1,200 households per week. Our Easter services are typically viewed by over 20,000 households.

The Live Streaming Ministry begins preparing for each service by creating “thumbnails”, descriptions of the service, and links to the online texts. These “thumbnails” are published on YouTube and Facebook to help those searching to find our services. Whereas we have volunteers operating the Live Stream in the Church every Sunday, since most of the volunteers work full-time, we are able to remotely control the video for weekday services. Since five to six volunteers are required to properly execute each Live Stream, we are always looking for additional volunteers!

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