The Ladder of Divine Ascent - 4th Sunday of Lent

Series: Pascha 2020

The Ladder of Divine Ascent - 4th Sunday of Lent

March 29, 2020 | Fr. Mark Leondis
Today – the fourth Sunday of Lent, the Church remembers Saint John Climacus and his book, “The Ladder of Divine Ascent”. This wonderful book is divided into 30 chapters. Each chapter’s title is a “virtue” or “rung” of the ladder that can lead to heaven. It is so relevant for Christians today, the Church has placed this important Saint and as the theme for this Sunday.
If you think about a ladder – it is probably the most perfect “physical” example that we can use as we walk toward Jesus Christ. As we step up to the ladder toward our Lord, we walk slowly, one rung at a time. Often, we get caught up on a rung for a long period; maybe losing our balance; maybe take one step backwards; maybe putting one foot below to secure ourselves. Other times, we stumble and step down a few rungs. 
We use the tools that the Church gives us to get back on the ladder; to continue our walk and ascent to the Kingdom of God.
The important thing to remember is that we must never stop climbing; never stop looking up. During difficult times such as these, it is easy to step away from the ladder toward our Lord; or to fall a few steps backwards. By committing ourselves over and over to our Lord, we are given the strength to remain on this tremendous climb toward life eternal.

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