Saint Mary of Egypt - 5th Sunday of Lent

Series: Pascha 2020

Saint Mary of Egypt - 5th Sunday of Lent

April 05, 2020 | Fr. Mark Leondis
Today – the fifth Sunday of Lent, the Church remembers the life of Saint Mary of Egypt. From a young age, Mary left home and became a prostitute. After years of living in opposition to God, Mary visited Jerusalem and had a miraculous event that changed her life forever. She repented and devoted the rest of her life for God.
She is commemorated on the final Sunday in Lent to remind us that the doors of the Church are open widely, and that in spite of our sins, through repentance, we can enter a new life in Christ.
Repentance is a complete change in our behavior and turn toward God. Repentance means a change in our thoughts, our mentality; it is an about-face.
Our life here on earth is brief. It is given to us by the generous love of God so that we may use this time to acquire and cultivate love – for God and for others – that we may finally stand before God as one of His own.
May God, through the prayers of our holy Mother Mary of Egypt, grant us the courage of humble repentance that is the seed to our spiritual growth.

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