Holy Friday Evening - The Graveside Lamentations

Series: Pascha 2020

Holy Friday Evening - The Graveside Lamentations

April 17, 2020 | Fr. Mark Leondis
On Great and Holy Friday the Orthodox Church remembers the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross for our sake. Holy Friday is filled with emotions and the upwelling of feelings in our hearts. We have a God that is so Great, that He gave His Only-Begotten Son to be crucified on the Cross for us. As believers, we partake in the agony of bearing witness to Jesus dying on the Cross to afford us life and everlasting rejoice. In the process of being with our Lord at the time of His death and thereafter, we stand watch with Him as He breathes His Last breathe and gives up His Spirit to God the Father, we observe this incredible completion that happens in the world. 
So it is on Holy Friday that we believers are able to witness and believe in this ongoing gift that Jesus Christ provides us. In the afternoon service at 3:00 PM, we stand by Christ on the Cross and pray, and carefully take His Immaculate Body down, wrap in a pure white linen and prepare Him for burial. His body is placed in the tomb and we come back together for the Lamentations Service and procession of the Epitaphios at 5:30 PM. 
Life is eternal with Christ, so let us faithfully attend as He affords us forgiveness of sins and life eternal from His crucifixion and death on the Cross.

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