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2019 Festival & Lent (WYR Volleyball Champs & Gala)

The Festival was a little rainy, but we didn't let the weather affect us! Take a look back at the 2019 Greek Fest. Also Congratulations to our Lady Lions Volleyball team for winning the 2018 Winter Youth Rally!!!  
Also Included: A look back at the 2018 Christmas Gala honoring all of our Parish Council Presidents. Plus Epiphany coverage, including our own Vasili Kaplanidis who retrieved the Cross at the West Palm Beach celebration! Click Here for the full issue!

2018 Fall (St Nektarios Healing Vigil)

Read about the special healing vigil we held in honor of Saint Nektarios, and the anointing kits we distributed to those in attendance from his shrine in Charlotte bearing his relics.
Also Included: A recap of Cliff Tewis' mission trip to Kenya, and Stewardship Sunday and Parish Assembly information. Click Here for the full issue!

2018 Summer (Summer Camp & Mission Trip Recap)

Take a look back at the 2018 Summer news and events, including Saint Stephen's Camp, and Project Mexico.
Also Included: Congratulations to Assimo Kitsos for the Archdiocese AGAPE Award! Fellowship Hall Renovations Completed!!! Click Here for the full issue!

2018 Pascha (Metropolitan Alexios' Visit & Feeding children)

Coverage from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios' visit to Saint Mark. His Eminence not only celebrated the Divine Liturgy with us, but also helped us feed 20,000 hungry children that day in our parish-wide food packing project! 
Also Included: Theological reflections on the feasts of both Pascha and Pentecost, recap of the Saint Mark Nameday celebration, and new tonsured Acolytes. Click Here for the full issue!

2018 Greek Fest & Lent (WYR & HDF Title Sweep!!!)

Look back on the Metropolis Championship performances of both our Basketball Program at the Winter Youth Rally, and our Syrtaki Dance Team at the Hellenic Dance Festival! Boca Raton is now Titletown!!!
Also Included: Recap of the RECORD SMASHING 2018 Greek Festival! Also get ready for Lent with 10 Ways to Stop Gossip and our "Tools for Theosis" retreat. Click Here for the full issue!

2018 Winter (AXIOS!!! Archon John Koutsoupis)

AXIOS to the newly elected Archon John Koutsoupis!!! Read more about the well-deserved newest member of the Ecumenical Patriarchate's Order of Saint Andrew. 
Also Included: Prepare for our Lord's Nativity with a theological reflection from Fr. Alexander and get ready for the 2018 Greek Festival. Click Here for the full issue!

2017 Fall (Hurricane Irma Clean Up)

Hurricane season in 2017 was a devastating one for so much of the gulf coast and Caribbean regions. While we were spared extensive damage at Saint Mark, Hurricane Irma left a significant on the homes of many in our community. Take a look back at how the Saint Mark Family banded together to help one another!  
Also Included: Gear up for the new Ecclesiastical year with Stewardship Sunday and a brand new year of parish ministries. Click Here for the full issue!

2017 Summer (Summer Camp & Mission Trip Recaps)

Coverage of the Biennial Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy Laity, Philoptochos and Choir Conference in Raleigh, NC. Also featuring an extensive recap of Summer Camp Season (Saint Mark GW17 and Saint Stephen's Camp). 
Also Included: Take a look at the missionary efforts of our own Kristina Koutsoupis and Juliana Leondis, and Congratulations to our recent graduates. Click Here for the full issue!

2017 Pascha (Oratorical Festival Results)

Take a look at the 2017 Holy Week that was, as well as the Feastday celebration of Saint Mark. May the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark intercede to the Risen Lord for us! 
Also Included: Congratulations to Apollo Dailey and Lucas Cotronakis for advancing to the District Oratorical Festival! Click Here for the full issue!

2017 festival (Ordination of Dn. Bryan Giusti)

Relive the momentous occasion of Dn. Bryan Giusti's ordination to the diaconate! We are tremendously proud of him and Dnsa. Cori and we pray for a long and healthy ministry. AXIOS!!! 
Also Included: Saint Mark supports the Panagia Chapel during the Epiphany Luncheon, Karen Batshaw helps us honor the survivors of WWII. Click Here for the full issue!

2016 Fall (Missions Conference & Philoptochos Presidents)

Join us in honoring our Saint Mark Philoptochos, the right arm of the Church! On Oct. 30 we recognized all Philoptochos Presidents, past and present.
Also Included: Highlights from the Archdiocese Missions and Evangelism Conference in Oregon, National "Make a Difference Day," GOYA Kayaking, and "Stewardship Sundae." Click Here for the full issue!

2016 Spring & Summer (Nashville Clergy Laity & Graduations)

Read about the Saint Mark delegates in attendance at the 43rd Biennial National Clergy Laity and Philoptochos Conference in Nashville, TN. 
Also Included: Recaps from Summer Camp Season (GW16 & Saint Stephen's Camp), Kristina Koutsoupis' Alaskan mission trip, and our recent graduates.  Click Here for the full issue!

2016 Pascha (Pascha 2016 Recap & Capital Improvements)

Read about the exciting capital improvements that are currently underway, including the MAGNIFICENT Gold Dome refinishing. Saint Mark truly is shining again in Boca Raton! 
Also Included: Pascha Recap, Feastday of Saint Mark coverage, and one final push for Family Promise and GW16 volunteers. Click Here for the full issue!

2016 Festival & Lent (Syrtaki Wins HDF!!! New Parish Council)

Saint Mark Syrtaki takes home the coveted Platinum award (top overall ranking) at the 2016 Metropolis of Atlanta Hellenic Dance Festival! Saint Mark also installs a new Parish Council on Jan. 24. 
Also Included: Greek Festival Recap, Epiphany Celebration coverage, and Discover Orthodoxy classes now starting. Click Here for the full issue!

2015 Winter (Interfaith Thanksgiving Service)

Saint Mark has always prioritized our involvement in the greater South Florida community. On Nov. 23, we hosted an interfaith "Thanksgiving Service" in our sanctuary for over 150 of our Boca Raton neighbors. 
Also Included: Stewardship Interview with Kathi Sharp, Coverage of the 4th Annual Men's Culinary Event, Gearing up for Christmas celebrations. Click Here for the full issue!

2015 Fall (Growth & Planning Committee Begins!)

Now that we have burned our mortgage, we turn to "Phase 2" of our parish's future. To address this we formed a Growth and Planning Committee to determine what is to follow with our Fellowship Hall, Classrooms, and more! 
Also Included: Recaps from the "Kick Off" of all our Saint Mark ministries, Saint Spotlight on the Holy Archangels, Preparing for Stewardship Sunday. Click Here for the full issue!

2015 New Year (New Senior Gamedays & New Choir Robes!)

Our seniors' ministry at Saint Mark begin a new recurring Gameday event at Saint Mark. Plus our Saint Mark choir gets brand new robes in time for the new year! 
Also Included: Philoptochos and volunteers from the entire Saint Mark family tackle a Delray Caring Kitchen Service Project, Recaps of Summer Camp Season (GW15 & St. Stephen's Camp) Click Here for the full issue!

2015 Summer (Col. Macaulay Honored in DC & Graduations)

On April 29, AHEPA awarded Saint Mark's own Col. Alan Macaulay the Medal of Honor at the 41st Biennial National AHEPA Banquet.  
Also Included: Saint Mark throws a "Year End" celebratory parish picnic, "Embracing Weaknesses: Sts. Peter and Paul," Preparing for Pentecost, parish graduations. Click Here for the full issue!

2015 Pascha (Pascha, & Orthodox View on Death)

Prepare yourselves for the Feasts of Feasts with this pre-Paschal issue of "The Message," featuring a helpful Holy Week Scripture Reading guide. 
Also Included: A theological reflection on the Holy Myrrhbearers by Fr. Alexander, an informative look at death in the Orthodox Tradition, plus ministry updates. Click Here for the full issue!

2015 Lent (Nicholas Gage & New Parish Council)

Saint Mark welcomes distinguished author Nicholas Gage for a presentation entitled "A Writer's Odyssey." He speaks about a number of his titles, most specifically on his recent book "Eleni."
Also Included: A look back at the 2015 Greek Festival, Plus a BRAND NEW Intro to Orthodox Christianity class called "Discover Orthodoxy." Click Here for the full issue!

2014 Winter (Guest Speaker Thea Halo & Golf Tournament)

Saint Mark, Saint David, and Saint Catherine join forces to welcome author Thea Halo to Saint Mark. She offered a presentation on her book "Not Even My Name" to over 120 people in attendance. 
Also Included: Coverage of the wildly successful 2014 Saint Mark Golf Tournament at Boca Lago Country Club, a theological study of the Theophany icon, recap of the 2nd annual Men's Culinary. Click Here for the full issue!

2014 Summer (National Clergy Laity & Saint Mark Cruise)

Read all of our coverage of the 42nd Biennial National Clergy Laity Congress and Philoptochos Conference. Plus get ready for the 2015 Saint Mark parish Cruise. "I'm On Board!"
Also Included: A pastoral guide to the 15 days of the Dormition fast, summer camp season recap (GW14 & Saint Stephen's Camp), Greek School graduation. Click Here for the full issue!

2014 Spring (GOYA Gleaning & New Playground)

The Lord said "let the little children come to me." Saint Mark has always welcomed our youngest believers, and we are hoping to serve them even better with a brand new playground campaign that is now underway! 
Also Included: GOYA goes gleaning! Pascha recap & Saint Mark feastday coverage, congratulations to our Saint Mark graduates. Click Here for the full issue!

2014 Lent (The Consecration of Saint Mark!!!)

Relive the monumental, and long awaited, occasion of the Consecration of Saint Mark! Feb. 20-22 will always be remembered as the weekend that the Saint Mark sanctuary was forever dedicated and sealed as an Orthodox house of worship. 
Also Included: An insider's look at the Consecration weekend, details of the Holy Relics now residing in the Saint Mark altar, 2014 Greek Festival recap. Click Here for the full issue!

2013 Winter (Dome Iconography Completed! & Burning Bush)

What a joyous 2014 Christmas celebration! Not only did we rejoice at our Savior's Nativity, but we did so with the newly completed iconography in the Saint Mark sanctuary! Thank you to all who helped donate towards this beautification campaign! 
Also Included: Saint Mark hosts the District GOYA "Burning Bush" Advent retreat, Philoptochos holds its annual Christmas luncheon. Click Here for the full issue!

2013 Fall (Bill marianes & Philoptochos Interview)

Saint Mark hosts Metropolis of Atlanta Stewardship expert Bill Marianes for his presentation "Igniting the Flame of Stewardship." Plus a full interview with Philoptochos President Pam Parent.
Also Included: Saint Spotlight on Saint Katherine the Great, extensive coverage of our Veteran's Day & Oxi Day celebrations, plus ministry updates. Click Here for the full issue!

2013 Fall (Prayers for Middle East & Iconography Underway)

Faithful from Saint Mark boarded a bus to attend an ecumenical prayer service for peace and solidarity for the Christians of the Middle East at Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Coral Gables. 
Also Included: Scaffolding is up and iconography in the dome is underway! Meet Eleni, the woman who was baptized in a nursing home...in her 90's! Click Here for the full issue!

2013 Summer (Boca Clergy Laity & Fr. Steven Ordination)

Saint Mark hosts the Biennial Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy Laity Assembly!!! Take a look back at the tremendous weekend that was, including the ordination to the Holy Priesthood of the newly assigned Fr. Steven Klund. 
Also Included: John Koutsoupis & Pat Anthony receive the prestigious Saint Paul award from His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America. It is the highest honor a lay person can receive in our Archdiocese. Click Here for the full issue!