Fr. Alex Kamilaris Priesthood Ordination Address
    06.22.20 | Parish Events

    During the service of Ordination the Holy Priesthood, the deacon who is to be made a priest offers a witness statement of faithful sentiments and heartfelt accounts of his time leading to the ordination. This is one of the most intimate exchanges...

      Called to Serve
      07.02.19 | Articles | by Fr. Steven Klund

      After six years, Saint Mark is bidding a fond farewell to Fr. Steven. While saying goodbye is difficult, this process is the way the Orthodox Church has grown and spread to all reaches of the earth over the last two thousand years.

        Our Faith At A Glance
        02.18.19 | Articles | by Fr. Peter Chamberas

        Following the 2019 annual Greek Festival, Fr. Peter Chamberas provides comprehensive introduction to the Orthodox Christian faith. The Greek culture, or more accurately "Hellenic Tradition," is FAR more than just tasty food and lively...

          Once Upon a Time in Mexico
          08.25.18 | Articles, Missions

          Relive the life-changing week experienced by our missionary team had in Project Mexico during the summer of 2018! Featuring a day-by-day recap of their work, and quotes from the youth team members.