Religious Education

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path" -Psalm 118:105

"Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding."

- Proverbs 3:13

Our Mission

As the Ethiopian man said to Saint Phillip in the Book of Acts (8:31), how are we to understand the scriptures "unless someone guides [us]?" The Orthodox Christian faith is a rich and treasured way of life that has a wealth of wisdom to be explored. These riches are best discovered when we study them together! The adult religious education ministries of Saint Mark is designed to provide interested individuals with the opportunity to pursue ongoing education in the Orthodox Church, its history, theology and faith. During the year, we will gather as one body to engage in the study of various books of the Bible in our Bible Study, and other topics related to Orthodox Christian life in our other religious education ministries.

Synaxis Discussion Group

"Synaxis" in Greek means "to draw together," and was the word used in the early Church to describe when a congregation would assemble for worship. This ministry is all about walking together in our Faith Development. While our Bible Study classes exclusively reads from the Holy Scriptures, our "Synaxis Orthodox Discussion Group" looks at spiritual wisdom from texts written by later Saints and Theologians. Generally speaking this group has a more casual atmosphere, conducive to personal sharing and dialogue than the more traditional religious education settings.

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Discover Orthodoxy Class

The Orthodox Christian Church is the original form of Christianity that has maintained an unbroken ministry dating back to the original Apostles of the 1st Century. Periodically we offer a free 5-part introductory course called "Discover Orthodoxy" to help new believers get acquainted with the authentic Church of Christ. Not only is this a great overview of our faith for new-comers, but it is also a fantastic "refresher" for even the most experienced Orthodox Christian. This course is mandatory for all adults seeking entrance into the Orthodox Church, as well as for sponsors who are preparing to serve as Godparents for children through baptism.

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Lenten Lecture Series

Every year during the forty days prior to our Easter (Pascha) services, we try to prepare ourselves to receive the Risen Lord through increased prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and spiritual study. Saint Mark facilitates this effort by offering a lecture series during the five weeks of Lent. These special lecture events are coupled with the evening services, and often times take place over complimentary parish lenten suppers. Please check the calendar as Lent approaches to see what is being offered this year!

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Bible Study

The Orthodox Church believes that it is vital to study the Holy Scriptures through the lens of the Church. It was the Church (the assembly of believers who make up the Body of Christ) who wrote, compiled and preserved the revelations found in the Holy Bible. Therefore it is only appropriate that it also be the Church who interprets these same texts. This is done in a joint effort by clergy and laity, and aided by exegesis of the original Greek text and the inclusion of commentaries by Church Fathers and theologians. Our group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM in the Library (following Daily Vespers at 6:30 PM).

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