Our Christmas JOY!

On this day the Virgin Maid, goes to the grotto to give birth; to the pre-eternal Word, in an ineffable manner. Dance for joy, all the inhabited earth on hearing. Glorify, along with Angels and with the shepherds Him who will that he appear as a newborn Child, the pre-eternal word.”

As we stand on the threshold of Nativity, our hearts resonate with the ancient melody of anticipation and hope. The Christmas Kontakion of the Orthodox Church serves as a timeless guide, inviting us to approach the celebration of Christ’s birth with a spirit of love and faith.

In the gentle strains of the Kontakion, we hear the echo of angels’ voices proclaiming “Christ is born! Glorify Him!” These words transcend time and space, reaching across the centuries to touch our hearts anew. This hymn beckons us to rediscover the profound meaning of Christmas – not merely as a historical event but as a living reality that continues to shape our lives.

In the fast-paced frenzy of holiday preparations, it is easy to lose sight of the essence of Christmas. The Church, like a gentle shepherd’s call, directs our attention to the manger, where Love incarnate lies. It reminds us that the true celebration of Christmas is found in the simplicity of the stable, in the warmth of the swaddling clothes, and in the humility of a newborn King.

Approaching Christmas with love requires us to extend the embrace of compassion and kindness to those around us. Let our hearts be open to the needs of others, just as the manger welcomed shepherds and kings alike. Faith, intertwined with love, is the foundation upon which we build our Christmas joy. It is the assurance that the babe in the manger is the fulfillment of God’s promise, the embodiment of hope for a world longing for redemption.

May we invite Christ’s transformative presence into our lives, making Christmas a living, breathing reality for us and those around us.