New Year Progress . . . Not Perfection

A blessed Christ-filled New Year!

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, let us draw inspiration from the wisdom of Church and the Great Saints who illuminate our path toward spiritual growth. 

Saints from the early Church and more modern day Saints…the Cloud of Witnesses is abundant. 

Saint Basil the Great reminds us that resolutions are not mere commitments, but opportunities for transformation. In setting resolutions, we emulate the saints’ dedication to a life of virtue.

Saint John Chrysostom encourages us to reflect on our spiritual journey, the new year encourages us to assess our own spiritual lives. 

Let our resolutions be grounded in faith, echoing the teachings of Saint Nectarios, who emphasized the power of prayer and humility.

As we navigate the unknown terrain of the coming year, let the steadfastness of Saint Andrew guides us. His unwavering commitment to Christ exemplifies the resilience we need to face life’s challenges. 

Remember, resolutions are not about perfection but progress—a journey toward a more profound connection with our Lord.

In the spirit of Saint Paisios, let us cultivate inner peace and love, extending compassion to ourselves and others.

May the new year be a canvas upon which we paint a masterpiece of spiritual growth, guided by the enduring light of the Saints.

May we look at all the opportunities given us by God, as avenues for growth, encouragement and commitment. Let us cultivate our spiritual blessings so that we may become anew in the New Year!