It is the Day of Resurrection!

“It is the day of Resurrection . . . ” Early in the morning hours at the Paschal Liturgy as we exclaimed, “Christ is Risen”, we read the beautiful homily of Saint John Chrysostom. As we bask in the glory of the Resurrection, we are reminded that the Feast is for ALL!!!

Saint John Chrysostom’s words resound with undying fervor as he exhorts us to rejoice and be glad, for Christ has triumphed over death, unlocking the gates of heaven and bestowing upon us the priceless gift of eternal life. In the resurrection, we encounter the ultimate manifestation of God’s love and mercy—a divine proclamation that transcends human comprehension and transforms the very fabric of our being.

It is in the resurrection that we find solace amidst tribulation, hope amidst despair, and light amidst darkness. As Saint John fervently proclaimed, let us cast off the shackles of sin and embrace the boundless mercy of our risen Lord. Let us surrender our fears and doubts at the foot of the empty tomb, and emerge anew with hearts ablaze with the fire of faith.

The resurrection is not a mere event to be commemorated; it is a profound mystery to be lived out each day. It calls us to embrace the transformative power of Christ’s victory over death and to bear witness to the reality of His resurrection in our lives. As we bask in the radiance of this wondrous miracle, may we be renewed in faith, strengthened in love, and emboldened in our mission to proclaim the good news to all creation.

Let us therefore go forth from this sacred gathering with hearts aflame with the light of the resurrection, illuminating the world with the radiant hope that Christ has brought. May we be beacons of His love and ambassadors of His peace, inviting all who cross our paths to share in the abundant life that He offers.

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!