Greek Festival — uniting our Family!

The 42nd Annual Boca Raton Greek Festival stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of “community” at Saint Mark Church. The hundreds of volunteers, coming together for a common cause, truly unites us as a Family, centered on Christ and His Church.

This cherished event not only celebrates Greek culture but serves as a blessing for our church and the broader community. Beyond the music, dancing and amazing cuisine, what truly sets this festival apart is our commitment to the love of God and to giving back.

A remarkable 30% of the festival’s proceeds are dedicated to charitable causes, weaving a thread of compassion through the fabric of the Saint Mark family. This commitment to philanthropy extends a helping hand to those in need and exemplifies the festival’s broader impact on the greater community. The act of coming together, not only to revel in Greek traditions but also to support charitable endeavors, fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose.

The hospitality (philoxenia) we offer with our visitors; the Church Tours that share our Faith; the love and joy that is expressed in our welcoming smiles — all contribute to these blessings.

As parishioners and community members unite, there’s an underlying joy in knowing that our participation directly contributes to positive change. The Boca Raton Greek Festival transcends cultural boundaries, transforming into a beacon of love, generosity and solidarity. It is this unique combination of cultural celebration and altruism that makes the annual event a true blessing for Saint Mark Church and a source of pride for the entire community.

Join us this year as we celebrate our Faith and Culture. Click here for our Festival Website.