Fr. Alex Kamilaris Ordination Address

    07.17.20 | Articles by Fr. Alex Kamilaris

    O Lord, Jesus Christ,

    I stand before your Royal Gates that gives us the earthly entry to eternal life with You, in thankfulness as you have graced me with the opportunity to be ordained to Your Holy Priesthood. Help me to give more freely. Love more genuinely. Act with prayer and purpose in all that I do, and preserve the Faith that You have gifted to us. May I honorably care for the souls that you have required of me. May I serve Your Holy Church with peace, reverence and unceasing love; and in all things give You the glory that is due.


    Your Grace,

    It is an honor to be ordained under your guiding care on this day. I find a very close and honorable connection with you through the One who eternally connects us, Jesus Christ, and also through the island that is most dear to our hearts and upbring, Cyprus. The main reason I mention our Cypriot heritage is that I hope that my service as a Priest of God is able to endure and persevere through the many challenges and invasions from the evil one that I will encounter. The faithful people of Cyprus have experienced great pain and loss, but always stand firm and lift up the name of Christ for His many blessings and rich mercy. May we always serve the Church and each Liturgy with the faithful love and reverence as our beloved ancestors of God.


    Father Peter Chamberas,

    You have served as a faithful guide in my life since I began my journey towards Hellenic College and Holy Cross several years before I began my studies. I have learned the honorable office of the priesthood through a clear and concentrated lens through your impeccable example of being a minister of the Lord. God has graced you virtues of humility, long-suffering, selfless love, integrity and hospitality that I will also have in my heart as I grow in my days as a Priest. I love you, Father, and am honored to be able to now commemorate your name at the Proskomide.



    Deni, you are my greatest treasure in life. I have learned to love the Lord through our love together and witnessing the purity of your sweet heart each day. I thank God for giving me a life with you, and I hope and pray to cherish you always and forevermore! OBICHAM TE, DENKA MOE!!!


    I am honored to be your father. As of this day I will serve as a father to many more souls, but promise to always be your loving father and cherish your precious beauty as you grow each day.


    To my dear Family,

    It is truly a miracle that we are all here celebrating and witnessing the sacrament that is to take place. You all have been my most fervent support and loving care, and for this I give God glory. May the Good Lord continue to bring us closer to Him, so that we may partake of the Eternal Life that is found only in Him.


    Lastly, I would like to lift up and recognize the Saint Marks Family here in Boca for the extraordinary love and support that you all have given my family and I as you welcome us to join your faithful family and become partakers of the Divine Eucharist as One. Thanks be to God for all of the generosity we have received from you all, and may He guide us as we continue to grow closer as a Saint Marks Family.

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